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Leopard Gecko
Female~10 years old
Zora is an older gal at 10 years old, but she is spunky and loves exploring! She's currently on a diet (no wax worms for this chunky girl), but is otherwise in fantastic health!


Leopard Gecko
FemaleAge Unknown
Hazel was given to a vet tech due to her severe case of MBD. After starting to show improvements, she was surrendered to us. Hazel will need an experienced new family. Her MBD is fairly severe, but it doesn’t stop her. She loves chasing small mealworms and hornworms. Hazel is a great hunter!


Ball Python
Male11 years old
Andromeda is an 11 year old Normal Ball Python. He is a bit shy but does great handling. Andromeda will need an expirenced handler who is knowledgable about hunger strikes


Ball Python
Turtle is estimated to be 5 years old. He has a history of long hunger strikes but is on a great eating streak and is gaining weight every week.


Blue iguana
Unknown6 months - 1 year
Bluey is a very shy blue iguana. He (or she, we aren't 100% sure) is still very jumpy, and will need an iguana experienced home with a lot of love and patience.


Colorado River Toad
Maleage unknown
Hypnotoad is a chunky dude who loves to eat.


Leopard Gecko
FemaleAge Unknown
Kiwi is a female leopard gecko who has severe MBD. She enjoys being lazy and sleeping in her hide with little spurts of energy. She is a good eater and would do best with a family that has previous experience with leopard geckos.

Lizard the Wizard

B&W Tegu
Male5 years
Lizard the Wizard is a Black and White Argentine Tegu. Like all tegu's he is a great eater who has been trained to gently eat from tongs. He enjoys exploring and being pet, as well as playing with his toys.
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