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Ball Python
Betty is a beautiful 2 to 3-year-old ball python. She is very chill, curious, and enjoys exploring. Betty is a great eater. Her foster mom really enjoys having her, and says her forever family will be fortunate to have her!
Adoption fee: $75


Leopard Gecko
Axel is a sweet girl who is shy but will come running for her bugs. She takes a little bit to warm up but tolerates being handled. She needs a home who will be patient with her as she continues to gain her confidence.
Adoption fee: $45


leopard gecko
Eep is a shy lady who enjoys to eat mealworms. She does have MBD in her front legs so she will require an enclosure with enrichment lower to the ground. Although she lets it happen, Eep doesn't like to be handled much so will do well in a home that prefers a "look, don't touch" type of animal.
Adoption fee: $45


Ball Python
Meet Ash! Approximately 5 years old and sweet as pie, Ash is a spider morph ball python with stunning blue eyes. Ash is incredibly social, coming to the front of the enclosure when talked to and always watching what is going on around. Ash does exhibit spider morph behaviors such as corkscrewing and head wobble. However we have found many ways to minimize this behavior! Ash eats like a champ and has had two successful sheds with her foster home. Interested in Ash? Complete an application today and someone will be in touch!
Adoption fee: $75


Leopard gecko
Unknown4 years
Linda is a goofy girl who loves watching people! She is known to try to jump up on the doors of her enclosure to see better when her foster mom is feeding everyone in theShe has a small imperfection in one of her eyelids that causes some trouble when shedding. Linda LOVES eating! She came to us very skinny but has been gaining weight like a champ.
Adoption fee: $45


Ball python
Male5 years
Bones is a handsome fella who enjoys being out with his foster family. He is a little picky, but has successfully eaten F/T rats for his foster dad.
Adoption fee: $75

Barnicus Nubbins

Blue Tongue Skink
Unknown5+, unknown
Barnicus Nubbins is a Blue Tongue Skink who has had a rough go of it. He got his name because not only is his back foot amputated, but he's missing most of his toes on the other feet! But that doesn't slow him down! Barni will happily sit on the couch with you but also appreciates the opportunity to explore. Because of his history of shedding issues, he is considered a special needs adoption.
Adoption fee: $150


Bearded Dragon - orange tangerine
Female3 years
Squiggles is new to love and attention, so she's a little apprehensive of people but is warming up quickly. She is happiest when she gets to swim around in the tub or hunting down roaches.
Adoption fee: $75


Leopard Gecko - large w spots
Are you looking for a daytime buddy? Baymax seems to prefer sunny days to dark nights, coming out to explore and show off that beautiful coloring in the daylight! He prefers handling on his terms but will come to say hello!
Adoption fee: $45


Leopard Gecko
What would Dora do for a Klondike... oops, we mean bugs? Anything. But she's a gecko... so the most she can do is come out and beg when she hears her foster mom in the room
Adoption fee: $45


Leopard Gecko
Ginko is a very sweet boy. His foster mom constantly finds him sleeping in the sploot position and doesn't seem to care whether he's in a hide, on top of his hide, half in his food bowl...When his foster comes in the room, he lifts his head to see what she's doing, and if she's not interesting enough (no bugs involved), he goes back to his nap. If she walks close enough that he thinks there's a chance of bugs, he walks over to beg by the front of the enclosure. He's active and loves climbing in the evenings, so it would be great if his enclosure had more safe climbing opportunities.
Adoption fee: $45
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